The Gold Soul

Message by Nuance

"If you see that my hands are dirty,

           know that it's from                      cleaning up my act.


I heard a dirty character can burry you."


9 times out of 10 we win.

We don't see the glass half empty, but half full.


No fools.

Not for want,

              but will.


Utilize the power of the most high until faith in self subsides.

Short comings become stepping stools.

Setbacks become escalators that we cruise through.


Bills that's past due.

                     Refrigerators and gas tanks passed E,

                     you fight between thoughts of endurance and controversy.


Then you notice a notion,

something of your reality to be so potent.

You choose to be the chosen.

                        Be your own opponent.

                                        Then own it.


"Through immense darkness I navigate

                by candle light-

    a light warm enough to make the darkness shiver"


wisdom IS...

Thoughts of transmutation watered with feelings

            of positivity feed faith,

            and give longevity to your strength to endure. 


Subconscious notions in motion

               in the domes of wise travelers dig deeply into the heart

               adding tangibility to dreams.

Vibe as high as the heavens,

               and challenging there settled residents

               for they too need medicine.

Our zenith is unbelievably high.